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Pain Relief during Labour

you're more likely to feel more relaxed in labour and feel less or cope with the pain if you:

  • learn about labour, this could make you feel less frightened about what's going to happen, and make you feel more in control during labour.

  • learn how to relax, stay calm and breathe deeply

  • keep moving, your position can make a difference, so try kneeling, walking around, and rocking backwards and forwards.

  • bring a partner, friend, relative or someone you trust to support you during labour

  • ask your partner to massage you, although you might find yourself not wanting to be touched

  • have a warm bath

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are shown to improve the blood supply to the womb and influence contractions. It can induce relaxation and reduce stress/anxiety, which may also help women cope with labour pains.

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