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Pre-conception care

Maternity care, that is, maternity care, is actually a general concept, which encompasses the entire period of care from pregnancy to lactation.

 Newborn care

Clients: Newborns

Life Nursing: Instruct the correct breastfeeding, feeding, care, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, and disinfection of items.

Professional nursing: baby bathing, touching, massage, body temperature measurement, urine observation, oral cavity, jaundice, umbilical care, hip red, diaper rash, fever, diarrhea, constipation, crying observation and nursing.

Potential development: Early intellectual development, passive exercises for babies, and the establishment of good living habits.

 Baby care

1. Lifecare: keep the indoor air fresh, take care of the children's diet and daily life, feed the baby with water, breastfeed, bath, change the baby's diapers and other clothes.

2. Professional care: measure the baby's body temperature, sterilize the baby's umbilical cord, clean and sterilize baby daily necessities such as diapers, towels, and feeding bottles, pay attention to two toilets and three baths, and observe the disappearance of baby jaundice.

3. Common disease care: observe whether the baby's urine and feces are normal, whether the body is abnormal, prevent the occurrence of common diseases such as diaper rash, thrush, and

4. Potential development: In order to improve the baby's resistance and coordination ability, develop the potential, as appropriate to do the baby touch, swim and baby exercises, and guide the mother to master these skills.

Maternal care

Service target: parturient

Life Nursing: Nutritional diet matching, assisting the puerpera to wipe the whole body.

Professional Nursing: Observation and nursing during the puerperium, postpartum psychological guidance, assisting breastfeeding, breast health care.

Health Guidance: Assist the parturient to do puerperal exercises and help the parturient recover their health.

Daily service: making nutritious meals for parturients, washing clothes for parturients and babies, cleaning the room, etc.

Maternal care

1. Lifecare: keep the indoor air fresh, observe the physical condition of the parturient (mainly breasts, lochia, urine and feces), wash and disinfect the clothes of the parturient, help the parturient to scrub the body when the mother is unable to take care of herself, and take care of the mother's diet.

2. Breast care: help the parturient to cleanse, heal and massage the breast, reduce breast pain, and guide the parturient to the correct breastfeeding posture.

3. Postpartum recovery: In order to restore the body shape of the parturient, guide the parturient to do postpartum recovery exercises.

4. Nutritious meals: Arrange the food of the parturients reasonably and make nutritious meals for the parturients.

5. Psychological guidance: Communicate more with mothers in language and exchange experience in childcare.

孕前护理 孕前護理


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