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Pregnancy care

Pregnancy care refers to how to care for the skin of pregnant women. From the skincare common sense, skincare coup, daily skincare, four seasons skincare, workplace skincare, problem skin, etc., some methods of pregnancy care and some practical skincare skills are introduced.


Simple-the daily skincare steps must be simple, not to burden the skin. During pregnancy, it is best for moms not to use heavy makeup, and to use less light makeup, stay away from make-up skincare products. The selected skincare products must be pregnant women's skincare products customized for pregnant women, and their safety and mildness can be guaranteed.

Cleaning the skin is very sensitive during pregnancy, so you should use mild soap-free cleansing products every time you wash your face, such as facial cleanser and lotion based on plant extracts such as sweet orange and citrus.

Anti-drying——Some pregnant women have thickened skin stratum corneum during pregnancy, which makes the face particularly dry. Therefore, it is the focus of daily skincare to choose moisturizing products for pregnant women.

Acne control-some Some expectant mothers will have acne during pregnancy, and certain active ingredients in anti-acne products, for the safety of the fetus, it is best not to use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, you can choose pregnant women's skincare products to moisturize while paying attention to cleansing, so as to alleviate the dry skin problem during pregnancy, which can prevent many other skin problems during pregnancy.

Anti-spots——According to the survey, about 1/3 of pregnant women will have pregnancy plaques during pregnancy. Therefore, the use of mercury-containing and lead-containing freckle products may "harm" the baby. Therefore, it is recommended to use skincare products for pregnant women as much as possible to control the development of pigment spots.

Sunscreen-this is the most important thing for pregnant women to pay attention to. During pregnancy, the skin is very sensitive to light, so sunscreen should be used whether at home or out. Many people regard sunburn caused by not paying attention to sun protection as pregnancy spots, but they can't get rid of them after pregnancy, which is regrettable. Secondly, you should try to choose pure physical sunscreen products, which are safe and effective.

Stretch marks-Many pregnant women will have stretch marks on their stomachs, thighs, and buttocks after giving birth. Some people worry that products designed to prevent stretch marks will be bad for their babies. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can use edible olive oil every night to apply it to the thighs, buttocks, stomach and other parts, which is safe and effective.


During pregnancy, some pregnant women always feel that their facial skin is tight in autumn, and it becomes dry after washing their face, and sometimes there are some fine lines on the corners of the eyes. These are symptoms of skin dehydration. In autumn, the weather is dry and dry. It is easy to get angry, and the skin will have some small conditions. For normal skin, the skin quality and tolerance are better, but when it enters autumn and winter, the normal skin will show a relatively dry change. Avoid using soap-containing cleansers. To protect your skin, you must use pregnant women's skincare products for maintenance during pregnancy.

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