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Arthritis generally refers to inflammatory diseases that occur in human joints and surrounding tissues and are caused by inflammation, infection, degeneration, trauma, or other factors. It can be divided into dozens of types.

The etiology of arthritis is complex, mainly related to factors such as autoimmune reactions, infections, metabolic disorders, trauma, and degenerative diseases. According to the etiology, arthritis can be divided into bony, rheumatoid, tonic, reactive, gouty, rheumatic, purulent, etc.


Clinical manifestations voice

Most arthritis has a long course, lingering and difficult to heal, and treatment is quite tricky. Therefore, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment will help prevent the progression of arthritis and improve the prognosis of patients.

     1. Joint pain

Is the most important manifestation of arthritis. Different types of arthritis can show different pain characteristics.

     2. Joint swelling

Swelling is a common manifestation of joint inflammation and the result of the progression of inflammation, and it is not necessarily related to the degree of joint pain. Generally proportional to disease.

     3. Joint dysfunction

Joint pain and inflammation caused edema of the tissues around the joints, the protective spasm of the surrounding muscles, and the destruction of the joint structure, resulting in limited joint activities. Patients with chronic arthritis may cause permanent loss of joint function due to long-term limitation of joint movement.

     4. Signs

Different types of arthritis have different signs, including erythema, deformity, soft tissue swelling, joint swelling, exudation, bony swelling, bone friction, tenderness, muscle atrophy or weakness, limited range of joint motion, and nerve root compression, And other signs.


Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can be used for the internal treatment of this symptom, External treatments include acupuncture and massage.

      Acupuncture can not only help with arthritis pain and stiffness, but TCM methods can help keep the joint tissues strong and healthy, reduce inflammation, and prevent further damage due to osteoarthritis.


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