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Bell palsy

Bell's palsy refers to simple peripheral facial nerve palsy for which the cause cannot be determined clinically and is not accompanied by other signs or symptoms. The onset is abrupt, and there are no conscious symptoms before the onset. The patient often finds it out of the inability to drink water and coughing in the morning to wash, or is first discovered by others without feeling. It is the most common type of peripheral facial paralysis.

Bell's Palsy-Symptoms

The typical symptoms are: the corner of the mouth on the affected side is drooping, the healthy side is tilted upward, and due to the paralysis of the orbicularis oris muscle, lip dysfunction such as water leakage, inability to puff the cheeks, and air leakage occurs when drinking water. Forehead wrinkles disappeared, no frowning. After the orbicularis oculi muscle is paralyzed, the levator upper eyelid muscle innervated by the oculomotor nerve is lost to maintain a balanced and coordinated voluntary movement, resulting in the enlarged palpebral fissure, incomplete closure of the upper and lower eyelids, and exposed conjunctiva. When you close tightly, your eyes will turn outward and upward, which is called Bell’s sign. Because patients cannot close their eyes, they are prone to conjunctivitis. Due to paralysis of the dacryosac muscle and conjunctivitis, there is often tear accumulation or overflow in the lower conjunctival sac.

Bell's palsy-Bell's palsy TCM treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this disease as "mouth and eye? Oblique". Its pathogenesis is mostly external health, wind phlegm in the collaterals, congestion of qi and blood, and facial collateral obstruction the facial muscles are uncommon, numb, and insensitive. It is suitable for dispersing wind and phlegm, dredging collaterals, and dispelling evil. Fang Yong Qianzheng San has flavors: whole insects 10g, rigid silkworm 10g, white aconite 12g, 3 centipedes, cicada slough 10g, Uncaria 15g, Angelica dahurica 15g. Grind into a fine powder, 15g each time, send it down with Fangfeng Decoction, once a day in the morning and evening. If the syndrome of yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, head dizziness or headache, slanted mouth and eyes, waist and knees are sore, you can add and subtract Gastrodia and Uncaria to nourish yin and suppress yang, calm the liver and extinguish wind: Gastrodia 12g, Uncaria 15g, Shijue Ming 20g, Morus Albus 15g, Achyranthes bidentata 30g, Eucommia 15g, Windproof 12g, Whole insect 10g, Stiff silkworm 10g; Decoction orally. If the course of the disease is prolonged for a long time, qi deficiency and blood stasis, blocking the veins, can be used to invigorate qi and promote blood circulation, soothing wind, and dredging collaterals. The prescription is supplemented with Buyang Huanwu Decoction: angelica 12g, red peony 15g, astragalus 40g, earthworm 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Guizhi 10g, Gentiana 15g, Stiff silkworm 10g, Tuyuan 10g; decoction orally.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are effective in treating this disease and are simple and easy to implement. Optional cheek car, dicing, Xiaguan, Yangbai, Yuyao, Zusanli, Yifeng, Hegu, etc. Strong stimulation should be used in the acute phase and weak stimulation in the chronic phase.


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