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Cancer care

Cancer is the most harmful disease to human health and life. According to the World Health Organization, more than 12 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year.

With the development of medicine, cancer care has long become an independent profession. Nursing methods continue to increase and become more and more perfect. It has shown more and more power that cannot be ignored in improving the level of cancer treatment, reducing the suffering of patients, and improving the quality of life. When human beings have not found a practical cure for cancer, for the time being, cancer care is very important. Cancer care includes psychological care, diet care, palliative care, music care, pain care, and social support. They have their own strengths, penetrate each other, and play an active role in cancer treatment. In the process of cancer treatment, according 
to the specific situation, flexible mastery can let them play their due role.

Cancer psychological care

A large number of facts have proved that the life span of cancer patients not only depends on the condition and medical measures but also is closely related to the patient's own mental state. The survey results show that after cancer patients are diagnosed, they have negative emotions such as denial, suspiciousness, nervousness, pessimism, fear, and despair, which significantly inhibit the immune function of the body, and seriously affect the survival rate and quality of life.

Cancer diet care

As cancer leads to metabolic disorders, negative nitrogen balance, weakened immunity, leukopenia, hair loss, etc., patients will eventually become cachexia. Therefore, it is necessary to provide diet care for patients and improve their nutritional status. Nurses should adopt various methods to encourage patients to eat, change recipes frequently, change cooking methods, pay attention to the colour, aroma, and taste blending, give high-calorie, high-protein, less greasy, and easy-to-digest light diet, eat less and eat more.

Cancer Palliative Care

Palliative care is an emerging discipline. It is active holistic care and cares for patients who do not respond to radical treatment, that is, through early recognition, active assessment, pain control, and treatment of other painful symptoms, so as to get rid of physical, psychological, social, and religious distress. Changing the quality of life of patients and their loved ones Palliative care emphasizes four-round service, that is, whole person, whole family, the whole team.

Cancer music care

As a means of nonverbal communication, music is often better than simply using speech therapy when entering people’s deep consciousness. It has an effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary psychotherapy. Music therapy can reduce the state of cancer patients. Anxiety and trait anxiety is a kind of adjuvant therapy that is popular with patients. The research results show that music therapy can quickly improve the anxiety and depression mental state of cancer patients.

Cancer pain care

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can be used for the internal treatment of this symptom, External therapies include acupuncture and massage.

It is reported that more than 3.05 million cancer patients have pain symptoms every day, and about 70% of patients with advanced cancer have pain as the main complaint, of which 50% are severe pain, which has a great negative impact on survival of patients. In recent years, methods of controlling pain at home and abroad have been continuously developed and improved.



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