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Coughs and colds

Cough and cold is a kind of airway allergic inflammation. It is a very common symptom. Almost everyone has experienced the trouble of coughing. Especially in the cold winter season, many elderly, children and patients dare not even go out, which greatly affects their lives quality.

The causes of cough are more complex, including acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory virus or bacterial infection, cough variant asthma, upper respiratory tract cough syndrome, etc. Coughs caused by acute respiratory infections such as acute bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. are usually acute coughs, which can be cured quickly after several days of antibiotic treatment, while chronic coughs often recur and persist, which seriously affects the work and study of patients. Even affect the patient's quality of life.


Because cough-variant asthma has cough as the only symptom, the clinical features lack specificity and the misdiagnosis rate is very high. Therefore, for chronic recurring coughs, the possibility of the disease should be considered. Since about 50%-80% of children with cough variant asthma can develop into classic asthma, and about 10-33% of adults with cough variant asthma can also develop into classic asthma, many authors regard cough variant asthma as part of asthma. Prodrome, so early diagnosis and early treatment of cough variant asthma are very important to prevent asthma. Mainly have the following clinical


Traditional Chinese medicine divides coughs into a hot cough, cold cough, cold cough, internal injury cough, etc. Therefore, Chinese patent medicines for cough relief can also be divided into cold, hot, warm and cold. If you don't prescribe the right medicine, you can't achieve the effect of relieving cough. For example, Chuanbei cough syrup and strong loquat syrup are cold, not suitable for people with a wind-cold cough.



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