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Digestive disorders

In addition to the symptoms and signs of the digestive system itself, the clinical manifestations of digestive system diseases are often accompanied by other system or systemic symptoms. Some digestive system symptoms are not as prominent as those of other systems. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully collect clinical data, including medical history, physical signs, routine laboratory tests and other related auxiliary examination results, and conduct a comprehensive analysis and synthesis to obtain a correct diagnosis.

The treatment of diseases of the digestive system not only depends on drugs, but also pays attention to general measures, including proper rest, and a balanced and nutritious diet. In the rehabilitation stage, life should be rationally arranged, and some physical exercises should be done gradually to enhance physical fitness. The indications, side effects and contraindications of various drug treatments must be mastered. Choose drugs that are highly effective, have fewer side effects, are inexpensive, and are convenient to take. Don't abuse drugs. Realize that drugs always have side effects. Some drugs are more serious and can aggravate the liver's metabolic overload. For various drugs that can cause side effects of digestive diseases, be familiar with their properties and avoid or use them with caution.

The "spleen and stomach" of TCM is similar to the digestive system in modern medicine in terms of its physiological functions and clinical manifestations. For some digestive system diseases, TCM treatment or combined TCM treatment is often better than treatment with Western medicine alone and should be actively adopted, such as Qingyi Decoction is very effective in treating acute pancreatitis and Paishi Decoction in treating biliary calculi.

Although the above lists some aspects, it is not enough to summarize the entire content of the research on the prevention and treatment of digestive diseases and their future development. Digestive system diseases have a high incidence in our country and should be taken seriously. Malignant tumors of the digestive system, such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer, have many difficulties in their early detection. Chronic hepatitis B and C related to the onset of liver cancer has not been satisfied with its prevention and treatment so far. It should undoubtedly be one of the key research and problem-solving.

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