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General well-being

General well-being refers to effective measures taken to maintain and improve people's physical and mental health. Including the prevention of various mental illnesses caused by work, life, environment, etc., or various physical diseases caused by mental factors. Although it can't directly improve the individual's mental health, it can prevent the occurrence of unhealthy mentality and behavior of the individual.

Traditional method

Health care has a long history in China. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, the classic Chinese medicine "Huang Di Nei Jing" comprehensively summarized the pre-Qin period’s health preservation experience, and clearly pointed out that "the saint does not cure the disease before he cures the disease; No chaos... The husband’s disease has become a disease and then the medicine, the chaos has become the medicine, and the chaos has become the cure. It’s not too late if you are thirsty and go through the well, fighting and casting a cone!” The concept of health preservation is the development of traditional Chinese preventive medicine and health preservation. Foundation. For thousands of years, the traditional Chinese medicine experts and health care experts of the past generations have continuously accumulated and summarized the health care experience that has been passed down to the people, and have written a large number of health care monographs, which has promoted the development of traditional Chinese health care. There are many schools of traditional health-preserving in China. Generally speaking, they are mainly divided into six schools: spirit, movement, solid essence, qi regulation, food nutrition, and bait. The health doctrine of each school has its own system, each has its own strengths, and eclectic all aspects, forming a unique health-preserving and health-care method in China.

Many health-preserving concepts in Chinese medicine are similar to modern life sciences. Many traditional health-preserving methods, such as massage, cupping, diet therapy, acupuncture, Wu Qin Xi, Tai Chi, calligraphy and painting, Qigong (inducing qi, abdominal breathing), etc., Except for acupuncture and moxibustion, anyone can do it personally. Frequently using these convenient methods has special effects on health preservation, physical fitness, and disease prevention.

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