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Neck pain

The neck muscles and ligaments are the sources of our soreness. Incorrect posture and insufficient muscle and ligament strength for a long time require us to change postures frequently. When the nerves are pressed, it is easy to cause discomfort, and incorrect postures are more likely to cause bone spurs. And our muscle tissue cannot withstand long-term pressure and grind.

The reason

Poor posture: It is the most common cause of cervical spondylosis, such as lying in bed, watching TV, reading a book, sleeping on a high pillow, sitting in a sleeping position, etc.; sleeping in a lying car, poor muscle protection when sleeping, and neck injuries when braking.

Chronic infection: mainly pharyngitis, followed by dental caries, periodontitis, otitis media, etc.

Wind, cold and dampness factors: The wind, cold and dampness factors in the external environment can reduce the body's tolerance to pain, causing muscle spasm, contraction of small blood vessels, slowing of lymphatic drainage, impaired blood circulation in soft tissues, and subsequent aseptic inflammation. This is also a common cause of cervical spondylosis.

Dysplasia of the cervical spine structure: congenital small spinal canal, cervical degeneration, etc. are common causes of cervical spondylosis.

Strain: If you keep your head and neck in a single posture for a long time, such as working with your head down for a long time, cervical spondylosis is prone to occur.

Head and neck trauma: 50% of the causes of cervical spondylosis are related to neck trauma. In some patients, the cervical spinal canal is in a critical state of stenosis due to cervical spine hyperostosis, cervical disc bulging, and soft tissue lesions in the spinal canal. Neck trauma often induces symptoms.


Symptoms of cervical spondylosis have appeared, and it is even more urgent to eliminate cervical pain and discomfort. Generally speaking, hot compresses are very effective for relieving cervical pain and discomfort. In addition, correct massage and targeted drugs can have a good effect when neck and shoulder pain is aggravated or movement is restricted. "It is important to remind that the cervical spine should not be massaged at will, and you should go to a regular hospital for a specialist. Under the guidance of the doctor, otherwise, he may become hemiplegic."

Mitigation method

One is not to keep the head and neck in a single posture for a long time, such as working with your head down for a long time, surfing the Internet, playing mobile phones, and scanning WeChat, etc. This will cause strain on the neck muscles.

The second is to get rid of those bad sitting postures in life, such as lying in bed, watching TV, reading a book, sleeping on a high pillow, etc.

The third is to keep the neck warm. Because wind, cold, and damp factors can reduce the body's tolerance to pain, it can cause muscle spasms, contraction of small blood vessels, slowed lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation disorders in soft tissues, followed by aseptic inflammation, leading to cervical spondylosis.

The fourth is to strengthen the exercise of the neck and back muscles. Dumbbell exercises can exercise upper body shoulder straps and back muscles; gnash the teeth to exercise the front muscles of the neck; brisk walking or swimming can exercise the muscles of the whole body, but be careful to keep the water temperature above 26 during swimming. Cold irritation.

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