Chinese Herbal Medicine

Restore the balance of Yin and Yang and Qi energy

Chinese Herbal Medicine has always been a key part of the healing methods within Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is an age old systematic approach that has started to finally a gain clinical awareness here in the West. Developed over thousands of years, TCM Practitioners have carefully observed patterns of illness and have used these powerful natural remedies to treat all types of conditions, to help restore and maintain good health.

All our Herbal Medicine remedies are prescribed on a case-by-case basis by our own Herbalist, Head Practitioner Caroline Cai. A skilled and knowledgable Herbalist who has received extensive training in China from various Chinese Herbal Masters. We have over 400 well-sourced Herbs. All our Herbal Medicine Remedies are freshly prepared and cooked by us in easy to use daily packets (see photo).

If you'd like to try Chinese Herbal Medicine, please make an appointment with our Herbalist Caroline Cai. After the initial consultation, Caroline will be able to make recommendations for your treatment and prescribe herbs. If you choose to start on Herbal Medicine Course with us a single appointment is normally all that is required, and we can then send the Herbs to anywhere in the UK!

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Course
- from £12 per day.
Our herbal medicine packets can be posted anywhere in the UK!

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Appointments with Caroline Cai
Harley Street: temporarily closed due to COVID-19.
Surbiton: Mon, & Thursday. 11:30am - 7pm
Tooting: temporarily not work in tooting due to her maternity leave. But we have excellent team work in tooting.
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All our Herbal Medicine Remedies are freshly prepared and cooked by us in easy to use daily packets!

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